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Cherry Hill High School East senior Lindsey Eattock commits to Division I school Rutgers University for rowing

Courtesy of Lindsey Eattock (’24)
Lindsey Eattock acting as a coxswain for rowing

On November 8, 2023, Lindsey Eattock (‘24) committed to row at Divison I school, Rutgers University, also receiving an athletic scholarship. Freshman year, she was golfing and playing soccer for East. She first started rowing in the fall of her sophomore year with the South Jersey Rowing Club and plays the position of a coxswain. A coxswain is known to be the coach of the boat as they are the eyes, ears, and mouth of the team. They yell out orders and words of motivation for their teammates who control the physical rowing of the boat.

Later, she transferred to the Moorestown Rowing Club. When Eattock got into the top boat for her age group, she began to realize that it would be possible for her to compete at the next level. In addition to this, her mom helped her see her potential as well as a retired rower.

“My mom has been at the highest levels of collegiate and Olympic development programs as a coxswain, so she’s been around some of the best,” said Eattock.

Eattock looks up to her mom in the world of rowing as this is who inspired her to get into the sport in the first place. She describes the rowing community as one with many connections as it is a very unique sport, curating a tightly knit sense of family.

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“A lot of people do t-ball or soccer when they are [younger] and kind of just stick with it. Rowing is a sport you can get into later in life,” said Eattock.

On average, Eattock invests 20-30 hours of her time per week into rowing. She has been awarded the top women’s crew in New Jersey for club racing, placing 15th in the country in a men’s U17 race at the youth national championship, placing 16th in the country for a Women’s U19 youth national championship, and awarded the US rowing national Honor Roll with her 4.0 GPA.

Another inspiration for Eattock has been her club coach, Coach Harry Carroll. He is one of the connections that brought her to Rutgers as he is a Rutgers Alumni for rowing. Eattock began her recruiting process the summer before her junior year, so she relied on her coach as many of her teammates her age could not relate to her.

“He was never trying to push Rutgers on me, but he was definitely glad that that was where I landed when I told him that it was in my top five schools. He was even happier when Rutgers became number one,” said Eattock.

Eattock is nervous, but very excited to begin her athletic collegiate career next year at Rutgers as this is a sport that is affiliated with many individuals she looks up to and a community that has continued to lift her.

“It kind of feels surreal that it’s even happening. Almost like a fever dream and I’m just waiting to wake up,” said Eattock.

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