East Cross Country Boys fail to qualify for the next round of playoffs

Brandon Weinstock

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On November 4, the Cherry Hill East boys Cross Country team did not qualify to the next round of playoffs after losing in Sectionals. This is the first time in five years that the cross country team has not qualified.

According to multiple players, one theory as to why they did not succeed in Sectionals was because of a lack of fulfilling the game plan.

“Some schools just performed better than us. We had a plan to stick with Lenapes second runner, but once we entered the race the plan broke down. Other teams just performed better and seemed more prepared to run,” said Varsity runner Kyle Krell (‘19)

“We did not properly go through with the game plan,” said Varsity runner Oliver Adler (‘20).

With six of the seven starting varsity runners returning, the team seems to have hope in the rising classes.

“The Freshman class this year seemed to have a gradual growth this year. This was a young team that needs time to mature to more intense races in the future. Unfortunately, not everyone was experienced in big races, which made some kids nervous, but towards the end of the season, a lot of kids confidence increased,” Adler said.

Although it was a disappointing season, this devastating loss has sparked revenge in the team for next year.

Players stayed positive after the season, reminiscing on all of the happy thoughts that occurred. Players shared their favorite moments of the season.

Adler said, ¨we are a young team that needs maturing time.¨

Krell  said, ¨watching the freshman develop throughout the season was awesome to witness.”

Adler added his favorite part of season was “seeing kids line up next to me at Sectionals that I raced with in Middle school.”

Even though the top six of the seven varsity runners will be returning, there are still spots to be filled on the team.

Adler said, ¨we are a young team that needs maturing time.¨ With an improving sophomore and freshman class, hopefully next season goes well.

Krell said “next year is going to look very bright.”