East Cheerleader Amanda Merovitz committed to University of Delaware

Amanda Merovitz (22) official commitment post to University of Delaware

Courtesy of Amanda Merovitz ('22)

Amanda Merovitz (’22) official commitment post to University of Delaware

Amanda Merovitz (‘22) spent more than half her life cheering. She has been doing it for 11 years and is thrilled to continue her cheerleading career at the University of Delaware.
At first, she wasn’t too sure if Delaware was her school. Merovitz was accepted by many other universities including Penn State, Syracuse, and Ohio State, which were all also considered in her decision process. However, she liked what Delaware had to offer including its containable size, distance, and the many things you can do both on and off-campus.
Over the summer of 2021, she participated in cheerleading clinics held by the university’s co-ed team. In January she was recruited and soon after she committed. The friendly coaches and athletes that she met at the clinic, made Delaware an even better contestant on her college commitment list.“I wanted to see what it was like and the coaches were really nice… the girls were also very welcoming,” said Merovitz when recalling her experience at the cheerleading clinic.
Merovitz, like most seniors, was thrown into the college touring and committing process pretty quickly. With time just flying by these past few years, it seemed like senior year sprang up out of nowhere. Even though thinking about college can get stressful Merovitz feels that she is prepared for Delaware and has made the right decision.“After your four years of high school you are ready,” said Merovitz, “I’m excited to have a new life and try something different”
Merovitz has done both all-star cheer and East cheer throughout the years. She is in between levels six and seven, the two highest levels, and has accomplished her goal of competing in Worlds with her all-star team Rockstar Cheer Nj. Though East cheer is nowhere near as intense as college cheer, she feels that these four years have really helped her become a better athlete as well as form friends.
If you asked Merovitz during her freshman year, if she even considered doing cheer in college, she wouldn’t have an answer, but when her junior year came she knew that she would regret not pursuing it. ”I’ve been cheering all my life and it’s always been a part of me so letting it go just doesn’t feel right,” said Merovitz.
Her favorite thing about cheer is not just the sport itself but also the many friendships you make over the years.
Merovitz talked about how much cheer impacted her social life, “I’ve met so many people throughout the years I’ve been cheering… It’s just really something that not a lot of people get the opportunity to do”. Fortunately, Delaware’s team has already been so friendly and will most likely open up a world of new friendships for Merovitz during her next four years there.
East will miss Merovitz next year as well as her talent on both the cheer team and on Eastside. We know she will do amazing at Delaware and we wish her the best of luck!