The Class of 2022 “Social Distance Spring Break Challenge” brings online fun to East Sophomores


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The president and vice presidents for the Class of 2022 hope that their class participates in the Social Distance Spring Break Challenge.

BOREDOM. Many people around the world have been experiencing this over the last couple of weeks. What everyone thought would be a few short weeks have turned into the unknown. Everyone is living in a world of uncertainty. During this long period of time, people struggle to find activities to keep their minds and bodies stimulated. There is only so much everyone can do each day. However, the president and vice presidents for the Class of 2022 have come up with innovative ways to keep their class active and connected during this time of doubt.

Devyn Levin (‘22), president for the Class of 2022, said, “[The vice presidents, representatives and I] wanted to do something fun for the class during this time. We thought of an overall challenge and then we all came up with ideas for each day.”

The Social Distance Spring Break Challenge is a unique way for the Class of 2022 to have fun and virtually interact with their classmates. Each day, there is a different challenge that students are expected to complete.


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The first challenge is on Monday, April 6. That day’s theme is “Motivational Monday.” Students can write an inspirational quote on a poster or with chalk to help spread positivity during this scary time. The next challenge is on Tuesday, April 7 and that day’s theme is “Trick Shot Tuesday.” Students are expected to take a video of them making any “trick shot.” This can range from shooting a basketball to flipping a water bottle. The third challenge is on Wednesday, April 8. The theme for this day is “Work Out Wednesday.” Students can record how many steps they took that day. The fourth challenge is on Thursday, April 9. That day’s theme is “Themed Dinner Thursday.” For this challenge, families can have a family dinner with any theme of their choice. Families get to be as creative as they want and dress up in anything. There are hundreds of themes families can choose from. The final challenge is on Friday, April 10 and the theme is “Feature Film Friday.” This is a movie themed day where students can check off the classics they have seen from a given list. Each challenge is completely different from the next.

After the students complete each day’s challenge, they can take a picture or video of what they have done and DM it to the @checlassof2022 instagram. Once the pictures and videos are sent in, they are then posted on the instagram story. This way, everyone can see who has participated in the Social Distance Spring Break Challenge. Not only that but, all the students who participate have the opportunity to win a prize.

We really just want people to participate and have fun with the challenge during this scary time.”

— Julia Coen ('22)

Levin said, “Every person who submits a picture is entered into a raffle each day. [They then have the chance to] win a free t-shirt or ninja headband from our apparel next year.”

Levin and the vice presidents think this will help encourage more people to participate in the challenge. If there is a prize at hand, more people will want to participate in this fun challenge.

Julia Coen (‘22), one of the vice presidents, said, “We really just want people to participate and have fun with the challenge during this scary time.”

Levin and the other vice presidents hope that many students from the Class of 2022 decide to participate in The Social Distance Spring Break Challenge. The more kids that participate, the better it will be!