East’s superhero, “So Random,” earns both praise and criticism for his “so random” deeds

Ashley Cooper, Eastside Community Editor

The superhero genre of movies has been dominating the Hollywood industry. The influence of these movies has even affected students at East. As a new addition to the superhero franchise, Alex Martin (’15), patrols the hallways of East as “So Random.”

Martin has been East’s very own superhero for quite some time now as he protects students from the dangers of high school.

“The other day, I saw Alex at the top of C-Wing staircase, and he screamed ‘I am So Random’ then jumped to the second floor of the staircase,” said Valerie Smalder (’16), “It really made no sense, and I don’t understand why he did it.”

According to Martin, his mission as “So Random” is to continually perform assorted Random Acts of Kindness to all who enters the halls of Cherry Hill East High School.

“One time I saw ‘So Random’ save a cat from being trampled on first floor B-Wing. He’s so cool, but I was kind of wondering why the cat was there to begin with,” said Rebecca Marker (’17).

Martin admits to planting cats throughout the school building in order to save them himself. He believes that by planting these random placements of cats, he can bring “So random” smiles of kindness to everyone at East.

“The other day I was walking through the hallway and I noticed someone strangely laughing out loud, and by that I mean laughing extremely loudly,” said Smalder, “I knew it was ‘So Random’ and he was smiling at me the entire time I walked through F-Wing. I mean, the entire time. It was really creepy and made me feel very uncomfortable.”

Martin claims smiling is a key act of kindness which should be performed every day. According to Martin, laughing and smiling at least once a day can increase one’s superhero abilities by almost 50 percent.

“This whole ‘So Random’ guy is getting on my nerves. The other day he ruined the entire flow of lunch because he let everyone get in front of him,” said Jessica Smeller (’15), “It took me two hours to get my lunch, and I was late to class! Of course the lunch ladies still loved ‘So Random’ after this because he sent them little notes, saying how much he appreciated them.”

Martin not only adopts the superhero of “So Random” around his peers, but also around his teachers.

“Alex randomly jumped out of his seat during math class today and pushed all of my supplies and all of my lesson plans off of my desk. He claimed to simply be reorganizing the desk, for he thought it was too messy. I think he’s wonderful. What a magnificent superhero who has graced the hallways of East,” said Miss Limey, a nine-year veteran teacher at the school.

All who encounter Martin appear to be changed in some way or another. He is either loved for his selfless acts or ostracized for setting up random scenarios throughout the hallway.

“All I was trying to do was pick up my son from the school. However, I was approached by some kid in a purple unitard. He handed me a bouquet of daffodils, picked up a cat that had suddenly appeared beneath my feet, and then ran away. Apparently, this kid goes by the name of “So Random” and I do not like him at all,” said Mike Waswonky, a parent of an East student.

Is “So Random” a superhero, or a menace? It looks like the student body is divided when it comes to the decision.