Mind and Body classes should take place in alternative locations

Photo courtesy of philly.com.

Photo courtesy of philly.com.

Madi Palat, For Eastside

During Periods G and H if you peak in the basement wrestling room you will probably have a hard time seeing the kids learning in the class because of the lack of the light. “It would be better if there was more lighting,” Mrs. Hildebrand, a Mind and Body Teacher, said, “we make do with what we have.” Having the Mind and Body class taught in the wrestling room in the basement definitely makes it hard to learn with the extremely unsanitary and overall awful condition of the room. The room certainly has its share of unwelcome bugs and has even had mold in the past. Because of this, Mind and Body needs an alternative location for the class.

There are other locations such as the wrestling room upstairs and the auxillary gym that should be utilized more often for the class. A small, dim lit room for gym class is not the ideal place to learn and participate in different activities. Also, students find it difficult to focus on exercising when there are mirrors all around the room. This just leads the students to feel self conscious.

It is unsanitary to learn in a sweaty environment. Moving the location of Mind and Body would benefit not only the students and the teachers, but the effectiveness of the class as a whole.