How often do you use your planner?


Jenna Myers

Planners help students stay organized with all their class assignments.

At the beginning of each school year, every Cherry Hill East student receives a planner. This planner is specific to Cherry Hill East and includes information such as important events for the school year, school policies, grading system and much more. It is vital for students to use their planners.

Using a planner is a way for students to stay organized. It takes about two minutes to write down homework in each class when the teacher announces it. Also, when students use their planners, they have all their homework assignments and due dates in one place, instead of scattered throughout numerous different folders and notebooks.

Although there may be different ways to stay organized, such as using an app, using a planner prevails as the best. It was shown in a study completed by Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer, Princeton psychology graduates, that students remember information better when it is handwritten, rather than typed. This means that students are more likely to remember their homework when they write it in their planner, versus typing it into their phones.

Sari Cohen (’18) said that using her planner “gives [her] the ability to keep track of due dates and homework so [she] can better manage [her] time.”

Using a planner can also help students to remember their homework assignments. By using a planner, students have all of their assignments and due dates in one small, convenient place. It is easy for students to see what they need to do and when they need to do it by.

Some people may say that students just need to look at their teachers’ e-Boards for their homework assignments. This is an ineffective method of remembering to do homework because not every teacher uses their e-board, and if they do, they may not update it each day after class. Some teachers only announce homework in class and place responsibility on the students to remember it. Further, students may forget to look at their teachers e-Boards. A planner is typically in a student’s backpack, so they can remember to look at it when they get out their other school materials needed for homework.

“Without [my planner] I wouldn’t be able to remember homework for a class I had at 7:30. If I just write down my homework for each class and come home it’s so easy to check it, do the homework and move to the next thing,” said Evan Campbell (’17).

Planners are important for all students to use. They help students stay organized and keep track of all their homework assignments and due dates. Next time your teacher gives out an assignment, make sure you are pulling out your planner to write it down.