Dr. Joseph Meloche retires as Cherry Hill Township School District superintendent


Courtesy of Education Week

Joe Meloche resigns after a 7 year tenure as Superintendent in the Cherry Hill district.

This morning, the Cherry Hill community was shocked to receive Dr. Joseph Meloche’s announcement that he would no longer be serving as the superintendent of the Cherry Hill Township School District due to retirement. Instead, Meloche has accepted a new job opportunity at the Rose Tree Media School District in Pennsylvania. His new position will be confirmed during a legislative meeting on March 23, 2023.


Meloche’s time in the Cherry Hill district concludes on July 1, 2023. At that time, Meloche will officially begin serving as the new superintendent of the Rose Tree Media schools. 


The question still remains as to why Meloche decided to switch districts. Despite a probable salary increase, it is speculated that there is a more serious reason for his departure.


Meloche was appointed the superintendent of the Cherry Hill district on August 25, 2015, after over 20 years in public education, including 12 years in numerous administrative roles for the district. In November of 2020, he was named New Jersey’s Superintendent of the Year and has received numerous other awards throughout his tenure. 


Though Meloche has received praise over the course of his career, he continues to be criticized for his reactions to certain issues. In the seven years since his term began, Meloche has been a controversial public figure. 


His handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the infamous “teacher transfer” and a variety of other issues have left many Cherry Hill residents confused — and even enraged — by his policy discourse. 


At this time, there has been no definitive announcement as to why Meloche is leaving the district. Although there have been many speculations, nothing can be confirmed as Meloche has not yet made the reason for his retirement known.  However, an email to the community, he said he will elaborate soon.