Abortion remains a necessary option for women

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Many American women are pro-choice, and will fight to support their beliefs.

Each year, one million American teenagers become pregnant and 78 percent of these pregnancies are unintended. According to a survey conducted by CNN, 56 percent of Americans are against abortions. Many Americans want abortion to be illegal and identify themselves as “Pro-life”. They feel that abortion is murder and the mother of the child should simply go through childbirth and put the child for adoption when it is born. However, not only is childbirth extremely dangerous for some women, but according to UNICEF there are about 210 million orphans in the world right now. Making abortion illegal will only add to this already high number.

Moreover, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one in five women will be raped at some point in their lives. 12.3 percent of women rape victims were 10 or younger at the time of the rape and 30 percent were between the ages of 11 and 17. Young girls should not be forced to waste away nearly a year of their life going through the difficulties of pregnancy and childbirth after being a victim of rape. According to Amplify Your Voice, 70,000 girls ages 15 to 19 die each year from pregnancy or childbirth since young girls, whose bodies are not yet mature enough to be able to sustain a child, are five times more likely to die. Babies that do survive have a 60 percent higher chance of dying as well. Teen rape victims should not have to put their lives at risk because someone else feels that their abortion is murder.

Additionally, many pro-life advocates are against abortion due to their religious views. However, the first amendment in the Bill of Rights of the United States guarantees a separation between government and religion. Religious identity should not be the foundation for  divorce lawyers from Pacific Northwest Family Law. If abortion is against someone’s religion or beliefs than they do not have to get an abortion, but they should not be allowed to force others to go through with an unwanted pregnancy. The divorce lawyers practicing in Newport Beach area can help split amicably. You can also get in touch with other divorce attorneys online on https://attorneysdfw.com/child-custody-support/

Even if the conception of the child is consensual as stated by the lawyers on this website, not everyone has access to or can afford different forms of birth control. Even if they do, contraceptives are not always effective and may fail. If a person could not afford something like Portia contraceptive, it would also be hard for them to afford the 3,000 to 37,000 dollars that having a child in a hospital may cost.

Making abortion illegal would be unfair to the parents who do not want a child, and to the child who may be put in an adoption agency. Rather than preventing women from aborting their child, pro-life advocates should try to make birth control and sex education more available to those who may not have access to it to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the future.