Students discuss anime every Thursday at Anime Club

Every Thursday, fans of anime gather in F087 to watch a multitude of shows, ranging from popular anime series to underground hits.

Don’t know what anime is?

Anna Butler (’09), member of the Anime Club for four years, says, “Anime is Japanese animation, basically. The early stuff, like Astro Boy, is based off of Walt Disney’s animations, emphasizing on the big eyes. The frame rate of anime is also much slower than that of American animation, which is why the characters’ mouths don’t match with what they are saying.”

In general, anime shows tend to focus on more obscure themes and storylines than American cartoons, and they are wildly unpredictable.

Every meeting revolves around a member bringing in a DVD and having everyone watch it. Sometimes episodes from different shows are watched, while on other days the club sticks to a single series (there is usually only time to watch three episode a meeting). At this meeting the club finished the series Outlaw Star, which revolves around the exploits of two men in a futuristic world who work as bodyguards for a mysterious outlaw on a highly technological spacecraft. This was the first series the club was able to finish due to the length of most other animes. Sometimes the club views films, like Resident Evil, based loosely off of Japanese culture.

When not watching animes, the members of the club plan trips to anime conventions. Otakon and AnimeNEXT are the two largest conventions members of the club plan on attending. Members are going out of their own interest and the school does not pay for transportation or admission, but club members feel their love for anime is enough to convince them to go otherwise.

Daniel Shernoff (’09) is the current president of the Anime Club.  For students who are fans of anime, or fans of cartoons and are curious to branch out, the anime club is the place to go. The shows that the members watch may be a little odd, but it is this general sense of obscurity that attracts people to the club. Anybody looking for something a little different should check out F087 every Thursday after school.