Students compete in the spirit week cafeteria games

Jennifer Pacitti

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On Wednesday November 16, Spirit Week initiated with its first round of cafeteria games.

During Lunch Break One, a student of each grade volunteered and took his/her place in a chair in the front of the cafeteria. Each student was then given a Sippy cup filled with soda. The students were instructed to chug the Sippy cup until it was empty. Whichever student finished first won for their grade level. The seniors won, with the juniors in second, freshmen in third, and sophomores in fourth.

During Lunch Break Two, students played a game called “Mad Dog”, in which each student per grade level was given a ruler that had a pack of Tic Tacs glued to each end. When it was his/her turn to play, the student put the center of the ruler into their mouth. The goal of the game was to shake all the Tic Tacs out of the two containers by shaking their head and body side to side or up and down. The student that completely emptied the packs in the shortest amount of time won. The freshmen got fourth place with a time of 15.75 seconds and an additional five-second penalty for leaning forward and tilting the ruler towards the ground. The seniors got third with a time of 11.55 seconds, the juniors got second with a time of 7.17 seconds and the sophomores won with a time of 6.7 seconds.