Seniors rock the 1980s garb to maintain Spirit Week lead

Cherry Hill East’s “80s Day” was another success for the seniors, who came in first place and are currently leading Spirit Week. However, the juniors managed to pull up from yesterday’s third place finish to score what could only have been a close second. The freshmen followed, with the sophomores bringing up the rear. Currently, the seniors hold first place in Spirit Week as a whole, followed by the freshmen and juniors, who are tied for second. The sophomores are in fourth and last place.  However, the junior class believes it can overcome its early deficit.  Andrew Adler (’13), a school vice president, said, “From an unbiased perspective I’d have to say that the junior class is the best.”  This remains to be seen, and the competition will continue tomorrow with “Jersey Day,” when students will support their sports teams and show their school spirit.