Seniors and Juniors will tug for victory


Emelia Keller

Students try to win tug of war with determination.

Fans and participants crowded the Dibart Gym in anticipation for the tug of war challenge on Nov. 20. Students from all grades gathered to tug and cheer for their grade.

In the first round, the junior girls triumphed against the freshmen girls, without breaking a sweat.

Up next, the junior boys defeated the freshmen boys.

In the second round, senior girls overpowered the sophomore girls’ strength and came out on top.

Following, the senior boys trumped the sophomore boys.

In the third round, the sophomore girls came out victorious against the freshmen girls.

In the final round, the sophomore boys helped secure third place as the freshmen came in last.

Leonidas Katsikis (’15), a tug-of-war participant said, “I cannot wait for the pep rally to beat the juniors, and the other classes. The seniors will win.”

The senior boys and girls will battle the juniors for first place during the pep-rally on Wednesday, Nov. 26.