Senior Perspective: Vicki Chen

Looking back at my four years at East, I would definitely describe myself as being club crazy. No, not clubs like the Roxxy or Club Wawa (people get way too crazy and sweaty there)… More like Adopt-a-Grandparent or the Bridge Tutoring. And those are only two out of an entire laundry list of the clubs I have ever joined. Believe it or not, I’ve even dabbled a little in the African American Club.

Seeing as I was born with absolutely no athletic ability, I decided early on in my freshman year to become involved in the school through different clubs. The problem was that once I attended just one little meeting, I would stop going to all of the subsequent ones—but I still considered myself a member. Not very moral on my part. I thought that the more clubs I “joined,” the better my resume would eventually look to colleges. This was obviously not a good way to actually get involved.

By senior year, I had found and stuck with the clubs and activities that I actually participated in. When the time came to organize my resume, I listed only the select few that I can honestly say I was a member of. Without feeling like a liar, I was accepted to the college of my choice. I realized that admissions officers want to see consistency in activities, not an enormous list of random ones. When I decided to focus on the few that I actually had interest in, I had more fun because I was there to contribute, not just for another thing to put on my resume.

Moral of the story: don’t join clubs just to prove to colleges that you were involved. Actually get involved with activities that generally interest you. You’ll have so much more fun that way.