Senior Perspective: Tyreek Fisher

I got to say I’m surprised as heck to do this paper, but to everybody I got to say thank you on the real. But I am going to talk about East as a whole. The teachers I had on the whole, I must say, were great. Shout out to Mr. de Wolf, Mr. Leonard, Mr. Dapp., Mrs. Lampman, Coach Cohen, Mr. Kov., Valore, Mr. Fro,  and also everyone who I ever had met in the school who had to put up with my crazy ways and antics.
Lunch be ‘iight in some ways. We all know what the synthetic stuff is and what’s good, so I ain’t going to say no more about that. We go in as students, and if you think about it, we stand tall and rep our school to the fullest. We do what we got to do if necessary.
We all are all diverse and have different styles or levels of swag and that’s good to have all together just to get a taste of what the real world’s like. But on the real, as 2011 seniors, we ‘bout to bump and do our own thing.
I wish y’all the best of luck and it’s been a good  four years from the food fights, to the pranks, to all the craziness over the years I’m proud to be a Cougar and always will be. We run this school and always will…… SENIOOORRRRSSSS!!!!!