Senior Perspective: Nina Orwitz

Home. Simply put, a place where one lives. Clearly, I do not live at East (although it felt that way during Hell Week and Spirit Week). A more applicable definition is a place of security and happiness. For me, the journey through East over the past four years has felt like the creation of the second definition of home. Despite the academic challenges of the heavy work load and unending stress, the combination of success with school work and joy in my other activities has formed what feels like a home at East.
At East, I have found that my home was not handed to me on a silver platter. I had to build it through activities and class work. My home became the field hockey team, D-wing, SGA homeroom and the classroom. A home is filled with different rooms, and in my case, very different groups of people. East for me became a happy fusion of D-wingers, nerds, jocks and dedicated SGA members. Unlike a typical student, I spread across many boundaries, giving myself the opportunity to meet many unique individuals. This synthesis of people and activities became my motivation, my drive, in such a competitive atmosphere.
Home. The word doesn’t seem so simple now. I have built my home, refined it, and achieved that balance we all look for. After four years, I realize that East has given me knowledge, friendships and opportunities, something that everyone gets. But more importantly, East has fostered my ability to branch out and respect others. This is why I am proud to call East my home.