Last AMC Contest of the year

The sight of students flooding second-floor C-wing only means one thing: AMC math contest. Friday, March 24 marked the last opportunity for students to receive Math extra credit. According to Mr. Jeff Killion, there will be no universal math extra credit in the fourth marking period.

“Unfortunately [students cannot get extra credit] with this because they only have six [contests] a year,” said Killion.

With only six opportunities to receive free points in math, many students rush to fill up the classrooms.

Killion said that there was definitely the most participation this year. Usually, there are only 250 tests to hand out, but often more than 250 students rushed to join.

“One time it was 260 even!” he said.

The participants ranged from 200 to 250 students all year, a very high number of students.
Even with the seniors gone, C-wing was crowded yesterday with students interested in the math contest.