Global Affairs Club member discusses the club

Global Affairs Weekly is a dynamic, unique club here at Cherry Hill East where people of eclectic backgrounds and political standpoints that have an interest and passion for politics can come to discuss their point of views on domestic and global issues.  Global Affairs started last January, when a group of friends decided that they wanted a club designed to give the student body, whether those that aspire to be future politicians, news reporters, or doctors, the chance to take an initiative in politics by speaking up about it.

The founders and co-presidents of the club, Sam Lyons (’14), Josh Simon (’14), and Jaryd Wright (’14) along with Vice-President, Stephen Huff (’14), formulated the idea of establishing their club for a principal purpose.  President Josh Simon said, “[The primary purpose] is for everybody to have the ability to have a voice and express opinions openly in safe environment.”  The club is open to the whole student body.  President Sam Lyons said, “[We’re currently] liberal democrats who are open to any party standpoint opinion.”  Furthermore, Simon adds, “[people] of any belief can come.” The club plans to grow in members to create a more diverse round table of discussion.

The club has ventured outside their rendezvous in the library lab, when they teamed up with Habitat for Humanity for a day build project last year.  The club has plans to get involved in their community again this year, in which Sam Lyons said, “We’re partnering with Habitat for Humanity [again], and we’re looking to go on a trip to the Constitution Center [this year].”

Global Affairs is a club that meets after-school every Friday in the Library Lab.  Both Lyons and Simon agree that they want to educate people on the facts while giving people a place to voice their own opinion.