Getting to know Ms. Lewis, the new biology/CPS teacher


Nancy Bowne

Ms. Lewis is a new biology/CPS teacher for Cherry Hill East

Nancy Bowne, Eastside Staff

As a child, new biology/CPS teacher Ms. Kathryn Lewis loved to play school; she also enjoyed visiting her mom, a teacher, at school and thought it was very inspirational.

“I felt I was always destined to be a teacher,” Lewis said.

However, Ms. Lewis wasn’t always a teacher. In fact, she worked for ten years as a Chiropractor. She was interested in pediatrics, but she wanted to have more of an influence on kids.

Lewis said, “I just wanted to work with students first hand.”

So she changed careers, teaching anatomy and physiology at Burlington County College, and then earned her teaching degree and taught at Bridgeton High School. After returning from maternity leave, she started to teach at Gloucester County College.

Along the way, she also acquired two bachelor degrees: Biology and Marine Environmental studies. It wasn’t until she was told by a friend teaching at an elementary school in Cherry Hill about the job opening, that she was aware of the position at East.

Ever since then, she has enjoyed the ambience.

“The teachers and students have a close camaraderie,” Lewis said, “There are high quality teachers and successful students here.”

She also likes the close friendships between teachers. Ms. Lewis intends on setting a good example and motivating all her students to be the best student they can be. She also enjoys working with kids and science.

“I want to also encourage the love of science as a background when they grow up… I would love to serve as a mentor,” said Lewis.

As a mom of two daughters, an exercise enthusiast, an avid community member of Haddon Heights Schools, and a science teacher, Ms. Lewis has been accomplishing some of her goals and passions that she has withheld since childhood.

Lewis said, “It was in my future somewhere to be a teacher.”