Frosh 2023 Preview

This years Frosh will take place on January 13th with the theme out of this world

Credit to @cheast2026 on Instagram

This year’s Frosh will take place on January 13th with the theme “out of this world”

Every year, Cherry Hill East freshmen get excited about their annual dance called Frosh. This year, the freshman student government invites the Class of 2026 to enjoy dancing and a variety of food under the theme “out of this world”. Frosh is taking place at East in Cafeteria 2 on January 13th from 7-10 pm.

Tickets for the dance were available to buy until Thursday, January 5th at a price of $25 per ticket. A popular tradition passed on each year is bringing an upperclassman to the dance. This tradition allows upperclassmen as well as freshmen to attend the dance. Dates can be from East or from another school. To bring someone outside of East, a form has to be filled out.

Getting dressed up for Frosh is exciting to many students. The dress attire for this dance is semi-formal. The theme, “out of this world”, is going to be incorporated greatly into the dance. There are going to be hanging stars and planets around Cafeteria 2, as well as glow sticks that will be given out to the students, to enhance the outer space theme.

This year will have a wide variety of food including pretzel bites, mac and cheese, the Greek dish spanakopita, cheesesteak egg rolls, brownies and more. There will also be a nacho bar open to the students. The food this year has been said to be a big improvement from previous years.

Class officer Allison Kang (‘26) explains that the Freshman Dance is worth the price and that students will really enjoy the different food and decorations. SGA has spent lots of time and work on the dance and they think the students will really enjoy it.

“People notice that the tickets are $25 now and they might think that’s expensive, but actually the food quality and amount of food has gone up a lot and you also are getting a T-shirt,” said Kang.

Frosh will be a very exciting dance for the students of East. The student government’s creativity and determination to make the dance the very best they can for the students will make for a very enjoyable time.