Freshman Elections are tomorrow

As President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney prepare for the debates, the gloves have already come off here at East as the freshmen primary elections are well underway. The winners of the primary election for president are Robin Brown, Brett Dashevsky and Kennedy Omari, and the winners of the primary elections for vice president are Jesse Dubrow, Mitchell Finklestein, Benjamin Grossman, Andrew Meklinsky and Lee Rosen-Swell, are now competing to see who will win in the general elections.

In the technologically advanced times that we live in, several of the candidates turned to Facebook to woo the undecided electorate. The candidates each waged their own war of words on Facebook and sent invites to the student body. There was rumbling amongst several students that this was too much uninvited Facebook activity.  On Facebook, Robin Brown identified her goal as one of “bringing the ninth grade together.”  Kennedy Omari indicated he wants “to be all inclusive…I want all students to have a say.” In the vice presidential race, Lee Rosen-Swell seeks to improve Spirit Week by “working to use more time for spirited events.”

Tomorrow, after the elections are completed, a president and three new vice presidents will be elected for the Class of 2016.  As the dust is settled on yet another election year, the newly elected officials will hopefully implement their ideas and stay true to them as well.  The class of 2016 must wait patiently to see the results of the election year 2012.