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Last years Valentines Day decorations were placed at elementary schools in the district.

Last year’s Valentine’s Day decorations were placed at elementary schools in the district.

The Fraternal Office of Police Club (FOP) is starting to prepare for this year’s holiday season. FOP is a club at East that decorates classrooms and creates cards for elementary school children with special needs in the district. FOP usually happens during the holiday season – however last year, due to Covid-19, FOP decorated for Valentine’s Day only. This year, the club will be extending out of the holiday season, having three celebrations: one during the holidays, one for Valentine’s Day, and one for Saint Patrick’s Day.

“The main goal for our club is for us students to work together to make something special for the kids at the elementary schools that they will remember and look forward to,” said new FOP Chairperson Jake Gilman (‘24). 

Members create personalized decorations for each of the elementary students to enjoy. The upcoming decorations will include drawings of snowmen, Christmas trees, snowflakes, and other winter staples. The club will soon be meeting regularly to prepare cards for the upcoming holiday season. 

“[Due to] the many complications of the previous year with Covid, what we could do was very limited. [In] the school year of 2020, we didn’t do anything and in the year of 2021, we were only able to do cards and decorations for their classrooms on Valentine’s Day. However, this year we have a lot planned including decorations for the holiday season, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day and we are definitely open to new ideas for any upcoming projects,” said Gilman. 

FOP is a great way to get involved and bring a smile to a child’s face. After last year, the kids are looking forward to having their rooms decorated once again.