Eastside Launches LGBTQ+ Coverage Project


Courtesy of nytimes.com

The LGBTQ+ community seeks to educate and raise awareness of their struggles.

On Monday, March 7, 2022, Eastside launched a new initiative to increase coverage of LGBTQ+ issues and to provide education around the topic. The coverage will be centralized within a new page on Eastside Online, available here, with its inaugural multi-media package slated for publication this Wednesday.

The initiative comes in the wake of Eastside’s January 2022 print issue, in which the extent of discrimination present at Cherry Hill High School East was revealed; strong community feedback was provoked by the revelation that one in four students does not find East to be a welcoming environment. Furthermore, over 64% of LGBTQ+ students were found to believe that East’s environment is homophobic and transphobic.

As part of the vocal response to Eastside’s January coverage, some believed that more educational resources needed to be made available in the community. As such, Eastside has created plans ranging from exploring cultural backgrounds to highlighting in-depth personal stories. From March through June, check back frequently for more.