East welcomes Google to visit for the Expeditions Pioneer Program


Eli Weitzman ('20)

One demonstration of the AR function, where students visualize a nuclear power plant.

On April 30, 2018, Cherry Hill East High School welcomed Google to test its new augmented reality (AR, for short) feature of the Google Expeditions app. Augmented reality features virtual objects that can be interacted with and viewed in a real-life setting. Throughout the day, a few lucky classes were able to experience the new technology and test it out for the class they were in. For example, a human anatomy class could interact with the various systems and organs of the human body, while a geometry class could look at visualizations of different triangles and their measurements.

“I would definitely like to see Expeditions in both AR and VR integrated into many of our classes,” said Mrs. Abbey Greenblatt, one of the East librarians. “I think that we’re at the beginnings of this technology, and I think as we see improvements made that those improvements are really going to enhance the curriculum.”

Eli Weitzman (’20)
Another example use of the AR technology for a Geometry class.

The current Expeditions app currently utilizes virtual reality (VR) technology to transport the users on “virtual field trips” to a variety of places. Now, with the AR functionality, the app can also provide a more interactive approach to a variety of subjects in a lab-like environment. The East library currently uses the Expeditions app for a VR experience which some classes have begun to experience this year. Overall, the addition of AR to Expeditions may create a new, fun and interactive learning environment at East in the future.