Demogorgon meets in B139

On Monday, November 8, Demogorgon, East’s literary art magazine, held its weekly meeting in B139. Advisers Mr. Pete Gambino and Mr. Matt Carr, along with the editors, led the meeting as they discussed the progress of the publication with the three general members of the club that attended.

First, attendees arranged the desks in a circle to encourage a round-table discussion, as Mr. Carr offered chocolate pretzels as an after-school snack.  Then Mr. Carr and Mr. Gambino set forth an agenda, as the goal of this meeting was to create a general list of guidelines in reading submissions for the magazine.

To assist the creation of guidelines, members of Demogorgon read then discussed a flash fiction piece that had been submitted to Demogorgon’s e-mail account. The piece created an image of a girl sitting on a bed, using position as “perched on the edge [of a bed]” to describe the metaphor of her disheveled appearance and mindset.

Once a set of guidelines was approved by the group, a method of organization was set up, in that each submission will remain anonymous, members will be able to comment on each piece and a general template containing a summary of the feedback will be available to the writer. These will be kept in a binder and updated as pieces are submitted.

In general, Demogorgon intends to expand this year, as far as incorporating a theme into the publication (which has not been decided yet), 3-D images and a CD component that will contain faculty’s readings of their work.

If you are interested in submitting artwork, photography, poetry, prose or any other piece of writing, send your work to

Demogorgon’s next meeting is Monday, November 15.