Cherry Hill East hosts its second blood drive for the year 2016


Courtesy of Maddie Phillips.

East blood drive members help prepare and manage the blood drive in school.

Leah Downie, Eastside Staff

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 marked the start of the second blood drive Cherry Hill High School East held this year. Every year, East holds a biannual blood drive; one is in the fall and one is in the spring. All the blood drives are run through the American Red Cross who bring in helpers as well as the correct equipment to make the process as safe and clean as possible.

One of the first things to be done is to go out into the community to get donations from various places who are eventually put on the back of the shirts that are given to the donors.  These shirts usually correlate with a theme for each drive. The theme for this drive relates to the new Star Wars movie that came out earlier this year.  After getting donations, the chairpersons, such as Noah Shalit (’17), go out to spread the word to the school and see who is willing to donate and save three lives.

“I want to make a difference,” said Shalit explaining how this drive alone successfully had around 300 people sign up.   This is more than they have hit in the last three tries Shalit said.

Luke Hinrichs (’17), a blood drive chairperson, said there are health risks involved, however, this fall they had zero donors pass out and no complications.

“We use the buddy system, to make sure people are distracted and being

talked to,” Hinrichs said.  Hinrichs also mentioned that they hoped to have a repeat of the no passing out record from the fall by making sure everyone has enough water and snacks to replenish as well as a successful amount of donations.