Students participate in the tug-of-war competition during spirit week

Sari Cohen

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Students partake in the Spirit Week tug-of-war competition during lunch breaks.

After weighing in at the nurse’s office, students in all grades got to participate in the annual Tug of War competition for Spirit Week.

In the first matchup, junior girls versus freshman girls, the freshmen defeated the juniors.  The senior girls then crushed the sophomore girls. In the loser’s bracket the juniors beat the sophomores.  The seniors and freshmen will battle for first place at the pep rally.  The juniors came in third followed by the sophomores.

In the first round for boys the juniors won against the freshmen.  The seniors defeated the sophomores next.  Of the losers, the freshmen beat the sophomores and took third place leaving the sophomores on fourth.  The senior and junior boys will fight for first at Wednesday’s pep rally.

Head to DiBart on Wednesday to find out who will win first and second place in Tug of War.