Election Day Countdown: Day 2

For as much as I support Barack Obama, I remain skeptical that he will actually win this election. According to CNN, the latest national poll places Obama seven points ahead of McCain, and the latest electoral map allocates 291 delegates to Obama compared to McCain’s 157. In terms of the electoral map, two states have been declared battlegrounds: Montana and North Dakota, both of which were previously Republican states, and combined only equate to 6 electoral votes.

This election certainly has been groundbreaking, between candidates’ races and genders, states becoming battlegrounds that have previously been secure for a particular party, polls being neck to neck for so long. October was Obama’s magic month, the month that propelled him in both electoral votes and popular vote numbers. Again, I remain skeptical he can actually pull this thing off.

He represents change, and change is not something people adhere to that easily. Granted, the past 8 years have been terrible, so perhaps that will be the factor that truly decides this race. What Barack Obama has achieved is commendable, however, so is what McCain has achieved.

After the nightmare of two Bush terms, John McCain has been able to stick to his maverick qualities, which have been responded well to by the American people. He was able to keep this election neck to neck for such a long time, until the past few weeks or so. The image of John McCain is that of a responsible, experienced politician, who knows Washington like the back of his hand. The fact remains that this great man is not the same man who ran in 2000-it’s a different ball game now. Negative campaigning, McCain’s last resort, has not worked. Sarah Palin, McCain’s other last resort, has not worked. Although she has appealed to a certain group of Americans and has knowledge concerning energy, other issues surrounding her have caused her to be a burden on the McCain campaign. John McCain has dug a ditch that not even Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (Joe the Plumber) can lift him out of.

Barack Obama has made it this far, which is amazing and was unheard of two and a half years ago. It’s crazy to think that we’ll know who our next president is within 72 hours, and that the day is finally within reach. What Barack Obama needs to do is focus, and keep the momentum alive all the way to the polls.

To get involved for the final stretch in either campaign, go to the following: http://www.johnmccain.com/splash32615.htm or http://www.barackobama.com/index.php