Doctors suspected in Scotland bombings

BombingsAnother explosion was nearly witnessed in Scotland only a day after London found itself in the same ordeal. A Jeep Cherokee was driven through panes of glass at a Scottish airport, nearly hitting those checking in for their flights.

One of the men who were in the vehicle is reported to have lit himself on fire and was taken in by police having suffered severe burns to his body. He and the other man who was arrested are suspected of attempting to bomb the terminal, deduced from the materials found inside the SUV.

Both were reported on July 2 to be doctors. At least one of the detained men is confirmed to have worked at a British hospital. While two such reports have come out, the second man’s identity is unknown due to the conflicting reports. The Sun and BBC both report that one works in Britain, but neither one provides the name of either detainee.

Australia, after being asked by Britain and Scotland to assist the investigation, arrested an Indian doctor suspected of having ties to the two men in question for the attempting bombings. Along with the arrest came a raid to secure materials thought to link the doctor to the men. Before the doctor had been detained, five other medical personal were also brought in on thoughts of terrorism links between them and the would-be-bombers.

“A total of four search warrants have been executed in Western Australia,” said Australian Federal Police commissioner Mick Keelty, adding that a quantity of evidence, mostly computers, had been seized. “They are migrant doctors, of similar nationality and background to the other doctors that are being questioned,” he said.

In the past day, the Australian authorities have released four of the previously detained doctors. Investigators are looking further into the possibility that Al-Qaeda was related to the attacks or to their planning.