The Theory of Everything reveals an intimate look inside Stephen Hawking’s Incredible Life

The recent debut of The Theory of Everything brings Stephen Hawking’s incredible story to life. The Theory of Everything depicts Stephen’s fascinating story including his struggle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) as well as his relationship with his first wife, all while focusing on his scientific “theory” of time, which he proves to continue to find throughout his struggles.

The movie opens up with Stephen going through university. When he is diagnosed with the disease, Stephen is told he would only have two years to live. He was told this while on the path to receiving a PhD in physics. The audience sees a dramatic decrease in his health including when he is unable to walk or speak again, using only a keyboard clicker in lieu of speaking.

On the flip side, Stephen’s relationship with his first wife, Jane Wilde is shown intimately. The audience sees the couple’s relationship flourish until Stephen finally decides to leave Jane to give her a better life that would not require her to care for him all of the time. Stephen then goes into a relationship with his aide at the time, Elaine Mason. Stephen’s struggles and triumphs are shown in great detail throughout the entire film.

The incredible Eddie Redmayne portrays Stephen. Born in London, Redmayne is kind, charming and almost irresistible not to like because of his fantastic portrayal of the scientist. Stephen’s lover Jane is played by Felicity Jones and she also delivers a stellar performance, highlighting the highs and lows of her life as well as Stephen’s.

Whether you are a movie buff or a once a year moviegoer, this movie is a must see. It incorporates a roller coaster of emotions as well as an unbelievable story line. This A+ movie is sure to be a big hit not only in theaters, but also at this seasons awards.