The Oscars “Best Picture” candidates: The Fighter

Strained relationships factor greatly into “The fighter” and it adds a twist of drama into the plot that sets it apart from other sport movies. Mark Walberg plays a boxer by the name of “Mickey Ward” who has struggled throughout his boxing career and when he finally gets a chance at a comeback, he becomes indecisive on whether he should leave his family ties behind to fulfill his dreams. Walberg portrays Ward well and he definitely fits the description perfectly; though, his performance does not deem worthy for any special recognition. Christian Bale, however, put on a powerhouse performance by portraying the lazy drugged-out brother of Ward, and one could most rightfully predict that he will be awarded an Oscar for it. Amy Adams portrays Ward’s bossy girlfriend well and Melissa Leo does a great job as Ward’s controlling mother.

David O Russell’s has also made a bit of a comeback after his six year hiatus. The Fighter is his first academy award nomination. He makes sure there are constantly changing shots and angles in the film which makes it a bit more fun to watch. The actual matches looked as if they were being shot on live television, which creates a more intimate feel when viewing the fights.

Overall, The Fighter succeeded and any film junkie would say the same. The performances were great, the direction was unique, and the story was inspirational.