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Pretty Little Liars: season 1, episode 15


Episode fifteen picks up with the girls re-examining the photo of Ali the morning after the dance. Ali’s brother, Jason, is back in Rosewood and the girls have reason to believe he took the picture. The angle suggests that the photo was taken from Ali’s house.

Spencer confronts Jason about this. He doesn’t think the picture is legitimate, but agrees to show it to his private investigator.

Hanna’s family is bowled over by even more bad news: the elderly woman, Mrs. Potters, whose bank account Ms. Marin took the money from, is returning to the bank for another appointment. Ms. Marin has yet to replace the fifty thousand dollars she stole.

While Hanna’s dodging problems left and right, Aria is living the high life: Spencer gave her two tickets to an art show in Philadelphia for Aria’s first real date with Mr. Fitz.

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Meanwhile, Emily has returned to the swim team. She’s excelling in her races, breaking multiple records, but has aroused jealousy in Paige, a teammate determined to be the team captain. Paige even resorts to bribery, and buys the team bracelets, but the coach is not impressed.

However, the bracelets do have significance. It turns out they are identical to the friendship bracelets the girls wear, in addition to the replica of the “Ali” bracelet they found as well as a “Jenna” bracelet.

Hanna then receives a letter from “A” along with a ticket to the same art show that Aria and Mr. Fitz are attending. But the ticket isn’t for Hanna; it’s for Aria’s mom. “A” says that if Hanna sells out Aria and reveals her secret to Ella, Aria’s mother, then Hanna will receive money.

Hanna guiltily accepts the offer.

Having second thoughts later that day, Hanna attempts to take the ticket back from Ella, but she is caught by her gym teacher and sent to detention for ditching class earlier that week.

She ends up sitting next to Caleb in detention, and Caleb is showing interest in Hanna. Caleb ends up leaving detention early because his social worker excused him. (In actuality, Caleb sends a fake e-mail from his supposed social worker)

Emily still suffers from Paige’s wrath. Paige makes “snarky comments” about Emily’s homosexuality, which Spencer later reports to the coach. Paige almost gets in trouble, but Emily says that it was “just a misunderstanding”.  Paige is still angry, though, and ends up almost drowning Emily one day after practice.

Aria’s date is excellent. She enjoys a night with Mr. Fitz and Ella does not catch her. In fact, Ella was about to drive to the show when her car broke down. She called her ex-husband for help, and he ends up driving her to the show. And then they end up kissing, rekindling some of their love for each other after the falling out.

Spencer goes home to find Jason waiting for her in her house. He has some news: the picture is real, and he might have taken it. In fact, Jason admits that he was constantly high around the time that Ali disappeared. That whole summer, Jason smoked and partied, often with Ian. Jason says, “Ian practically lived at my house” that whole summer and was a “poster boy by day and a party boy by night”.

Hanna goes to her mom’s office and has a small stroke of luck. Mrs. Potters was hospitalized for a heart attack and did not survive; thus, she cannot find the missing money in her bank account.

Caleb later admits to Hanna that he was the one who sabotaged Ella’s car to help Hanna.

Also, Spencer visits the bracelet shop. The vender checks her records and claims that “Spencer Hastings” was recorded to have purchased the “Ali” and “Jenna” bracelets.

Spencer later recalls a memory. She and Ali had fought the night Ali disappeared. Spencer said to Ali “you are dead to me” and had followed her out into the night. In fact, Spencer was the shadow in the picture of Ali.

Back at the bracelet shop, the vender has a discussion with a person whose appearance is not revealed, except for a pair of black gloves. She tells the person, “I did exactly what you told me to do.”

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