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Pretty Little Liars: season 1, episode 12

In the twelfth episode of season one of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna is released from the hospital, still concerned about the signature on her cast. The girls discuss Noel Kahn, and are still convinced that he is “A”.

While she searches for something to eat, Hanna finds money hidden in lasagna boxes. She later confronts her mom about it, who confesses to stealing money from one of her customers at the bank. Hanna also receives another mysterious text from “A” about the theft.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere is tense at Emily’s house after her confession to her parent’s about her sexuality. To warm up to the object of Emily’s affections, Maya, the family plans to invite Maya to dinner.

Speaking of romance, Spencer is certainly enjoying her boyfriend, Alex’s company, and her sister Melissa isn’t lacking in the area, as she celebrates her marriage to Ian and is away on her honeymoon.

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But Spencer’s love daze is rocked when she catches sight of Toby Cavanaugh out of jail. In addition to her shock, Spencer and Alex argue about whether he should attend a prestigious tennis clinic, which could potentially mean great things regarding his career. Alex doesn’t want to, and when Spencer pushes it, he gets a little angry.

Aria also confesses to Mr. Fitz that Noel wrote the slightly threatening note on the rear window of his car. During their discussion, Jenna Cavanaugh walks into the room, and still arouses suspicions in Aria about her true intentions.

Later in the night, Maya attends Emily’s family dinner; she and Emily’s dad get along great. But Emily’s mom spends the night crying in the closet, and is very upset about the situation.

The rest of the girls attend a surprise welcome back party at Hanna’s house that Mona threw. Lucas, who hits the liquor pretty hard, continues to annoy and argue with Sean, Hanna’s boyfriend. Sean later snaps and tries to fight Lucas, but is held back by Noel. Lucas, after talking to Hanna, reveals that he hates being “pushed around” by Ali and her friends and storms off.

Hanna continues to feel suspicious around Noel  – she remembers the time that Ali intentionally broke up him and his girlfriend to free him up for Aria, who liked him. Hanna wonders if he is seeking revenge, and later questions Sean about this, who gets defensive.

At the party, Aria approaches Noel. Earlier that day, Noel tried to use his knowledge of Aria’s relationship with Mr. Fitz to raise his grade. Mr. Fitz told Aria, and when Aria questioned him about the situation, Noel claimed he was only trying to get Mr. Fitz to reevaluate his essay.

Emily later sees Toby and tells him that she wasn’t the one who tipped off the police about his whereabouts. Toby is on house arrest and has been working to get his ankle detector off with a screwdriver. Later, his sister, Jenna, comes outside, and tries to kiss him but Toby pushes her away.

That night, everything unravels. Hanna and her mom discover that someone stole the money out of the lasagna box. Emily’s mom says that it her relationship “makes her sick”. Ian also returns home and Spencer spies a tag on his golf bag, labeled “Hilton Head”. She recalls a memory of Ali returning home from a trip to her grandmother’s house, and the same Hilton Head tag was on Ali’s suitcases.

Hanna receives another note from “A” about the missing money. The last scene shows black gloves stuffing money into a clown piggybank.


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