Jon Stewart announces his exit from “The Daily Show”

For years, Jon Stewart, the host of “The Daily Show,” has entertained audiences with his satirical take on politics and international news. However, Stewart announced on air that he will be leaving The Daily Show after 16 years.

Stewart made an announcement that was humorous and heartfelt on a taping of The Daily Show. In his announcement, he tearfully expressed his reasons for coming to the decision of leaving the show.

“In my heart I know it is time for someone else to have [the opportunity to host],” Stewart said on the show. “This show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host”.

Stewart was also quick to point out the uncertainty of the future, as nothing had been finalized yet.

“We’re still working out details,” he said during the show. “I don’t have any specific plans, I got a lot of ideas, I’ve got a lot of things in my head.”

East students had mixed reactions to Stewart’s leaving the daily show. Some students thought that his departure was a good thing.

“His industry is being taken over by new people” said Amir Davoodi (’16). “The other people are much cooler compared to him”

However, other students disagreed with Davoodi.

Nikhil Sharma (’16) said, “It sucks that he’s leaving. [His show] is like a really funny version of the news.”

There is still a lot of time before Stewart leaves the show. Until then, those who are upset can enjoy his last season as the host of “The Daily Show.”