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House “The Greater Good”

A doctor working as a chef’s assistant is in need of a doctor in “House’s” 100th Episode. Dana Miller is suffering from spontaneous pneumothorax. She used to be a cancer researcher, but quit after a previous medical issue when she realized that she had never been happy before.

Cuddy is back at the hospital after having Cameron take over her position, but not by choice. Since Cameron quit because she could not control House, Cuddy needed to return. But, to make herself feel better about why she is leaving her daughter every day, she is finding little ways to make House miserable, like posting “out of order” signs on the elevators, causing House to climb stairs instead, and orchestrating a trip wire in front of his office door.

After a short chat with Dr. Taub about the differences between fulfillment from work and happiness from work, the patient feels strange. Taub sticks a needle into her stomach: it is full of blood.

When it seems like Thirteen is losing her peripheral vision, Foreman tests her to be sure. She is, so he reveals to her that he switched her onto the drug and that she now needs to be taken off of it. Thirteen reveals that she thinks Foreman is too serious, and she is not ready for that type of commitment after only two weeks of dating. A persistent headache is cause for Thirteen to get an MRI. She has a brain tumor. Later on when Foreman visits her at home, she has a bleeding leg because she tripped; she can no longer see anything.

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It gets worse for our friends at Princeton-Plainsboro. Not only is Thirteen getting worse, but so is Dana. Dana’s heart stops and she begins to bleed from her nose and eyes. Unless the stop the bleeding, Dana will be dead by the end of the day.

But, as always, House, and this time, coincidence, save the day for both patients.

Spoiler Alert!

The last five years have brought us 100 episodes of “House”. One hundred is a big number in TV: not many shows live to see the day. Thus, the big 100 is traditionally spectacular and mind-blowing.

With the season it has had so far, it’s not completely surprising that “House’s” milestone episode was none of these qualities. It was fine. Not amazing, not terrible: fine. It was interesting to see Cuddy turn cruel, but at the same time it just seemed wrong. She is a compassionate human being, and to see her physically torture House was a bit much in my opinion.

I really don’t think “Thirman” (as I’ll now be calling Thirteen and Foreman) will ever grow on me. I never see chemistry between them, and, honestly, I don’t understand them as a couple.

Call a doctor. I’ve got lupus, and it’s getting worse every week.

Rating: C

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