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House “Birthmarks”

There is a 25 year old woman in China trying to find her birth parents. After she coughs up blood and collapses, she is transferred to Princeton-Plainsboro to be diagnosed. She is also a recovering addict, something her adoptive parents use as an excuse. Since they are opportunists, they try to use every possible occasion for House and his team to tell their daughter that the alcohol and smoking caused her illness, whether or not it is the truth. 

The medical case, however, takes a backseat in this episode, as it is revealed that House’s father has passed away. Everyone in the hospital attempts to get House to return his mother’s calls and attend the funeral. House adamantly declines, prompting Cuddy to drug him so he can get into the car with Wilson. Wilson, on the other hand, maintains that he is still not friends with House and that driving him to the funeral is a strict courtesy to House’s mother. 

Along the way, House uses every chance he gets to sabotage their drive. He is so determined not to go that he causes Wilson to get arrested. Even better, it appears that there is an outstanding arrest warrant for Wilson, so the both of them are brought to the local authorities and are held there, to House’s delight. When the cop finds out that House is avoiding his father’s funeral, he agrees to listen to the back story of why there is a warrant out for Wilson in the first place. 

Through the history, we learn how Wilson and House met. The two were at a medical conference in New Orleans and a patron of the bar these two then-strangers were at kept playing the same song on the jukebox. Wilson kindly asked the man to stop, but he didn’t, so Wilson threw a bottle into an antique mirror, instigating a riot at the bar and his subsequent arrest. House bailed Wilson out of jail because Wilson seemed to be the least boring character at the conference and House needed a drinking buddy. 

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At last, they arrive at the funeral, where House is to give a speech commemorating his father. However, before he does this, he confesses to Wilson that he discovered at age 12 that this man was not his biological father. Faking an emotional kiss on his father’s head, House takes a skin clip for DNA testing. 

Upon returning to New Jersey, Wilson reveals that he is returning back to work and to his friendship with House. 


Spoiler Alert! 




Reunited and it feels so good! It is absolutely wonderful that House and Wilson’s breakup is over, because every fan was sensing that immense heartache. 

Even though it’s incredibly exciting to have them back together, this episode was definitely lacking in substance. The case was second to the drama of House’s “father’s” death, which just made any scenes with the team and the patient almost unbearably boring. 

What was funny, though, was the fact that House’s ringtone for his team on his cell phone is “mmmBop” by Hanson. Classic House humor. Also, House trying to sabotage his and Wilson’s ride to the funeral was quite funny as well. 

Otherwise, the episode was a yawn-fest. But, it could have been worse: at least no one had lupus.

Rating: C+

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