Heroes “Cold Wars”

The purpose behind kidnapping Bennet is revealed right off the bat in “Cold Wars”: by drugging him first, Bennet becomes vulnerable so that Matt is able to get into his mind and go through his memories, enlightening our heroes on who is behind the hunt for them.
Matt discovers that Bennet and Nathan formed the group together. Mohinder and Matt argue about ethics, but Peter breaks it up, saying that they are all on the same side and need to work together, or everything will completely fall apart. Digging deeper, Matt finds out that Bennet had approached Mohinder three weeks ago about Nathan’s plan. Basically, Matt sees this as a betrayal and the two former co-fathers of Molly begin brawling, allowing the tied-up Bennet to escape.
But, Peter saves the day, at least in Matt and Mohinder’s eyes, by stopping Bennet. Going back just one week in Bennet’s memories, Matt learns that Danko (Nathan’s main man) is the guy to track down and destroy. Matt gives the address to Peter so that Peter can go eliminate him. Peter goes, despite multiple warnings from Bennet that Danko is too dangerous.
Matt wants to finish the job – completely eliminate Bennet from the puzzle that is their life. However, Bennet piques Matt’s interest, saying Daphne is still alive. He verifies through Bennet’s memories, and it’s true. With Nathan’s men after them, Matt and Peter are able to escape. But Mohinder, sacrificing himself, is not so lucky.
Spoiler Alert!
Once and for all, after two and a half seasons, we have an answer about Bennet’s true loyalties. Believe it or not, Bennet is a good guy. He is feigning allegiance to Danko and Nathan, but is actually working with Angela Petrelli, trying to salvage their families and save innocent lives.
What I really liked in this episode is the fact that Bennet’s memories that Matt was accessing were in black and white. It was just a really cool and appropriate visual aspect.
Claire and Sylar were missing from “Cold Wars”, and that’s okay. As long as they don’t permanently disappear the way some other main characters (Molly, Micah, Monica, West, Caitlin, etc) have, an occasional absence is fine.
Quote of the week: “You know me, I’ve always been comfortable with morally gray.” – Bennet to Angela

Rating: B