Gwen Stefani releases a new single


Gwen Stefani releases a new single.

Amanda Seligman, For Eastside

Gwen Stefani has just released a brand new song named “Baby Don’t Lie”. The song, digitally released on Oct. 20 through Mad Love/ Interscope Records, is an upbeat psychedelic track.

The new song has many fans impressed with the new work Stefani has created. Many people predict that this new reggae inspired song is going to be a great hit.

The song, co-written by Stefani and producers Benny Blanco, Noel Zancanella and Ryan Tedder comes from Stefani’s as-yet-untitled and not yet released solo album. The track was released as the first single from the album.

Although Gwen Stefani’s new work is liked by many, some fans and critics are upset to see that she did not try something new. Many feel that this song has a similar idea or sound that resembles work that Stefani has already produced in the past.

Gwen Stefani is now focusing specifically on her new album, which she hopes to release as soon as she can. Since this is the first song that Stefani has released since 2006, many fans are very excited to see her return to the music world and look forward to her new material.

The song’s official music video was released on Vevo on October 28 and was directed by Sophie Muller, who directed music videos for artists such as Shakira and The Killers.

As for now Stefani’s one new release, “Baby Don’t Lie” has a funky beat and hopes to dazzle fans and critics alike.