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Gossip Girl “The Wrath of Con”

Lying never does any good. It’s slightly surprising the Upper Eastsiders haven’t figured that out yet.

 This time around, everyone is hiding secrets and we all know what happens with that. The huge loss of money due to the con-artist, Gabriel, leaves Lily to find a way to hide Rufus’ money issues. By pretending he will receive a monthly income of 5,000 dollars she thinks everything will be okay. But, he ends up opening a drawer which contains the file and he second guesses why he would ever want to marry her. Will they ever be together and happy? I myself am second guessing that very question.

Blair questions Chuck one last time if his feelings for her are real or if he’s just playing games with her heart. Answering untruthfully only sends her to Nate, but lying won’t fix the way he truly feels.

Serena goes against her mother’s word and lies to protect her family and friend’s money, but in the end, Lily knows best and has her own daughter arrested to prevent her from having a “god-forsaken” scandal.

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Georgina plays a character in order to show Poppy’s true crook colors, only to give away the Bible money and turn evil. Even she was lying to herself about believing that her sins are forgiven. She’s back, and back with a vengeance.

Although not much happened, there was enough lying and conniving for one episode. Will Serena see her mom’s perspective about the situation over Poppy? Will Rufus ever become Lily’s husband? Everything is revolving around the actions of Serena and her friends, so will this turn out to ruin other people’s lives? Next week seems to have a new look and feel to what the normal Gossip Girl audience is used to, so hopefully these questions will be answered before May is over.

XoXo, Gossip Girl

SPOTTED: Rating for “The Wrath of Con”: B

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