Gossip Girl “The Grandfather”

With springtime comes rebirth. Everything has a chance to bloom and grow. This doesn’t only apply to plants, but people as well. Blair has completely changed, becoming a depressed and difficult person. She won’t give Chuck the light of day since he wants the old Blair, but things may be changing in a shocking way. Nate and Blair reconnect, and sparks seem to fly. He stays the night, and it’ll be interesting to find out where things will go. 

Vanessa is losing the fight with Nate’s grandfather, who just came back to town. With Tripp, Nate’s cousin, persuading him to reconnect with his family, Vanessa is out of his life even more. Unsure of where she stands with him, she goes to Dan and Jenny for solace. Nate’s future may not be in his own hands anymore, but with his family, the Vanderbilts. 

Aside from the teenage drama, Lily and Rufus decide to make lists of their previous romances, which ultimately does not end well. Lily’s list is three times the size of Rufus’ and it only causes tension. In the end, though, Rufus loves Lily, and realizes her past is just that, and does not apply to the present. 

Although not much happened in this episode, there seems to be a lot on the way. Something interesting with Jenny is sure to occur and Blair and Nate may have their happily-ever-after. I think Chuck will find another girl to occupy his time, and Serena will find another man to replace Dan. Things are changing fast and it’s fun to keep up. Next week is sure to please.

SPOTTED: Rating for “The Grandfather”: B