Food Network and Fox exhibit the talents of young chefs

Courtesy of CTV

Courtesy of CTV

Food Network and Fox have recently been taken over by all new cooking shows. Not only are adults cooking for victory and a valuable prize, but also kids are doing so too. Shows such as “MasterChef Junior,” “Chopped Teen Tournament” and “Kids Baking Championship” now allow kids and young adults to go into cooking challenges and competitions to battle for prizes and money. These shows are broadcasted to attract younger audiences to Food Network programming.

“MasterChef Junior,” which airs on Fox, features children and teens from the ages eight to 13. From the 24 contestants ultimately chosen to audition for the show and vie for the prize of 100,000 dollars and a “MasterChef Junior” trophy, these children are expected to prepare dishes that impress the critical judges. The judges of the show include Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot, among others. Contrary to “MasterChef Junior,” “MasterChef” exclusively features adults who compete for the prize of 250,000 dollars, a “MasterChef” trophy and their own cookbook.

Many people enjoy watching shows that depict children participating in televised challenges because it gives other children the hope that they can achieve their own dreams.

Noah Shalit (’17) said, “Since I was three, I have always watched cooking shows with my mom… I never imagined I would be able to cook like the people on the shows until I was much older.”

Shalit said that he now watches these shows once and awhile and even helps his mom out in the kitchen. He has been inspired by the children on the televised cooking shows to try and cook himself.

These new shows that feature younger and less experienced children and teenagers inspire and prove that anyone can achieve a goal if he or she puts his or her mind to doing so. Children are now attempting to cook their own meals and assist their parents in the kitchen.