Many students feel empowered by Post Malone’s new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding


Courtesy of NME

Post Malone performing his new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, at one of his concerts.

Austin Richard, a.k.a, Post Malone, entered the music world with his first ever mainstream hit, White Iverson. This song became the breakout hit that led to his noticeable rise in popularity.  

Malone’s first album, Stoney, sold a mere 58,000 units in its first week, whereas his previous album Beerbongs and Bentleys sold an even larger sum of 461,000 units, during its first week of release. However, Malone’s latest album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, outshines the others with a whopping 489,000 units, during its first week of release. The album, released on September 6, 2019, features major musical artists such as Dababy, Travis Scott, Ozzy Osbourne, Meek Mill, and SZA.

This album shied away from Malone’s previous style by presenting the listeners with a wide variety of musical styles, varying from more simple tunes to upbeat ones.

As Malone continues to grow in musical popularity, his style continues to transform. His newest album has taken much more of a mainstream approach, while still maintaining his own personal touches.

Hollywood’s Bleeding  centers particularly on the subject of fame in Hollywood and how its glamour is simply an illusion. Some of Malone’s songs include specific lines revealing the popstar’s innermost perspectives on money. 

“I made so much, I spent so much, but I can’t get enough,” he sings in the song, Myself.  

This song helps express Malone’s emotions.  Despite his abundance of wealth, he fails to feel genuinely satisfied. 

Malone also channels his feelings throughout the song Enemies (ft. Dababy), emphasizing that many of his friends have become enemies.

 “Used to have friends, now I got enemies. Used to keep ‘em close, now they are dead to me. Money tends to show all their tendences,” he sings.

Malone’s lyrics exemplify how artists tend to feel controlled by money.  Money’s not everything to them, and should not control how they live their life.  

Many students at East are fans of Malone, listening to his music on a daily basis. Many believe his music is very impactful and thought-provoking, allowing different parts of themselves to connect and relate to the artist. Malone’s uplifting lyrics allow different students to make connections to the different nuances of his music. 

“His album is very good and it features a lot of good artists. He is a very original artist and I feel that is why so many kids enjoy his music,” said Makayla Mogell (‘23). 

However, some students had less favorable opinions about the new album, deeming the songs as repetitive and unoriginal.

    Remy Genovese (‘23) describes the artist’s style as “the same old Malone. I don’t really like [his use of] slow music.” 

     Overall, Post Malone’s new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, was very empowering and inspirational.  It invoked positive impressions on its listeners.