Yoga Movement Training Center offers new take on movement exercises


Courtesy of Yoga Movement Training Center's Instagram

The yoga studio incorporates various types of exercises into its training.

Looking for a place to decompress with a hot yoga class, or even personally train for a sport? Located in Mount Laurel stands the Yoga Movement Training Center, which recently opened for business on December 11, 2018. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for products that are in line with your fitness goals, you can try keywords like Exercise Bike Reviews.

Offering several unique yoga and movement classes, this brand-new studio welcomes beginner and advanced yogi’s, young athletes and simply anyone who wants to engage themselves in the well-being of their mind and body.

Dave DiSantos, the studio’s owner and operator, has been practicing yoga for 13 years and teaching it for six. Actively participating in triathlons and the intense endurance that comes with it, DiSantos said he wanted something that would “counteract those movements,” which is what first got him into yoga.

“I just really enjoy it. I like the intensity of it, especially hot yoga,” DiSantos said.

As far as opening up the studio, DiSantos stated that his experience in hiking trails, such as the great Continental Divide Trail, made him realize what our bodies can really do.

“This body that we were all given is really remarkable and I have always liked pushing it to see how capable I can be with it,” he said.

After years of studying others’ work and attending various workshops throughout the country, DiSantos approached yoga with a more comprehensive attitude.

He said, “I am still really passionate about teaching yoga, but I will often throw in things that aren’t necessarily considered traditional yoga poses.”

With his own space, DiSantos is able to practice and teach the material, involving yoga the way he wants and had been envisioning it.

“People seem to really like it. If there’s this good thing that we could do that would help our yoga practice, why would we not do it just because it is not considered classic yoga?” DiSantos said.

Generally teaching a “vinyasa,” (a type of yoga associating with fast pace, constant flow, and leg and arm balancing), the studio also offers a “gentle” yoga for beginners. In addition to the yoga classes, the YMT Center also includes training and movement classes, mostly involving young athletes; however, the overall set of classes brings a wide variety of people to the studio everyday.

Surrounded by a suburban area like Mount Laurel, the studio attracts people of all different ages each with individual goals, resulting in no specific demographic when it comes to attendance at the studio. Promoting the YMT Center has been a significant way to welcome new people including word of mouth and social media. Between teachers and parents telling their students and children, and constant emails and social media posts, an assortment of people have entered the studio with high hopes of an easily accessible place to workout and enjoy a class.

For fifteen dollars, the YMT Center offers drop in yoga and movement classes seven days a week. Accommodations include deals such as five classes for seventy dollars up to one hundred and thirty dollars for a whole month (including one dollar for water and mat rentals). “Class cards” may also be distributed, granting the opportunity to attend any class of your choice- free of charge.

Opening one’s mind and body to the practice of yoga and movement can be beneficial towards not only their health, but also their mental and emotional outlook on life. There is no better place to begin that journey other than the Yoga Movement Training Center, where all of that is accessible.

“I try to challenge people,” DiSantos said. “At the end of the day it’s about not being able to do it one day, but if you’re working at it, maybe in a few weeks you can accomplish it.”