What’s old is new again at Rocket Fizz

A new Rocket Fizz branch opens in Marlton.


Rocket Fizz sells an insane variety of sodas, with flavors ranging from buffalo wing to pumpkin pie.

When you walk into the new Rocket Fizz in Marlton, you will be transported back in time. Vintage-looking signs and colorful bottles of soda line the shelves along the perimeter of the store. The tables are bursting with both old-fashioned candy, lunch boxes and gag gifts from another era. The 70’s and 80’s music that played in the background also contributed to the old-time ambience.

The aspect of Rocket Fizz that will blow your mind the most is the number of different kinds of soda. Hundreds of different types of soda line the walls. Some are traditional flavors, while others take soda to a whole new level. From flavors that make your mouth water, to ones that you cannot ever imagine drinking, Rocket Fizz has them all. Some of the most unique soda flavors include buffalo wing, bacon, birthday cake, ranch dressing, peanut butter and jelly, pumpkin pie and so many more. Yet they still have the classics like cola and root beer.

I personally decided to try the root beer float and the birthday cake soda, which the store clerk recommended. The root beer float soda tasted like a sweeter version of a root beer. It tasted like the vanilla ice cream had already been mixed into the soda. The birthday cake soda tasted like a sweeter and fizzier version of cream soda with its cream color. While it did not directly taste like a birthday cake, the sweetness of it could remind you the icing on a birthday cake.

Courtesy of Naomi Korn. A new Rocket Fizz recently opened in Marlton.

In addition to the sodas, the store also has a huge amount of vintage candy. There are bins upon bins of wrapped candy to buy by the pound, along with big boxes of Dots, Raisinetts, Sweet Tarts, Chuckles and other movie-theater candy. Rocket Fizz also has a large variety of Pez dispensers depicting cartoon characters from throughout the ages. Even if you are not hungry, you can still appreciate the many flavors of candy-flavored lip gloss that they sell. Not all the candy is enticing though. Along side of the table of Pez dispensers sit packages of bacon flavored cotton candy and bacon flavored mints.

Rocket Fizz is a chain with over 80 locations throughout the country. The Rocket Fizz location in Marlton is located very close to Cherry Hill in Marlton Crossing Shopping Center next to Pat’s Select Pizza. While this location quietly opened before the holidays on December 4, 2016, they will be having their grand opening celebration at the store on January 28, 2017, starting at 11am. The grand opening will have activities for all ages including a magician and face painting. Visitors will also have the chance to check out all of their unusual products and to sample many of the unconventional flavors of soda that they sell.  For more information about the store and the grand opening, check out their Rocket Fizz

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