The K9 Within

Isabella Levin, Eastside Staff

Isaac Mass, founder and owner of the K9 Within, has been pleasing customers with his effective training techniques. The K9 Within, located in Cherry Hill, is a newly opened dog training business.

Mass provides each and every dog with the best scientifically proven training mechanisms, as he promises ultimate satisfactory. Although most of his methods are used by other trainers as well, Mass likes to mix it up and throw in new mechanisms that fit the specific needs for dog he is training.

For example, when training a dog with severe aggression, Mass will drench a rag in vinegar and mark off his territory to instill better habits into the dog.

Mass identifies dogs as being one of the three categories of the dog pack hierarchy. These categories are alpha, beta, and omega. When Mass acquires this information after a visit with a dog or even a description of his/her behavior, he is able to fulfill the dog’s needs.

Many customers are satisfied with Mass’s unique and helpful training mechanisms, as they feel that he is very passionate when it comes to training.

“[Mass] is an amazing dog trainer, able to work within short time constraints and is extremely flexible when it comes to the dog’s needs,” wrote Leeba Krigsman on The K9 Within’s Facebook page.

In order to fully understand the training that a dog needs, Mass will evaluate one’s dog. This evaluation is at a low cost and can take place at the owner of the dog’s house. As Mass analyzes the dog, he looks for key behavior problems that stick out to him.

For instance, a dog might have an instinctual bite or a tendency to bark when someone enters the house. Through lessons and training, Mass is able to teach the dog better habits, while educating the owner about better ways to deal with the behavior.

“[Mass] did a great job helping my new puppy learn the basics. He answered all of our questions and taught us new ways to deal with bad behavior,” wrote Debbie Chapman on The K9 Within’s Facebook page.

Not only are customers happy with Mass’s training mechanisms, but with the drastic effect he has had on their dog. Rather than using typical training methods, Mass provides each and every dog with personalized care.

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