The Juice Bar relocates to Haddon Township

The Juice Bar sells cold pressed juices, juice cleanse packs, sea moss gel, and ginger shots.

Taylor Goodman ('25)

The Juice Bar sells cold pressed juices, juice cleanse packs, sea moss gel, and ginger shots.

Cold pressed juices made with pineapple, spinach, carrots, and more, The Juice Bar has it all. The Juice Bar offers juices that are all natural and filled with nutrients and vitamins to boost your immune system. All of the juices are cold pressed, meaning no heat is used in the production. Currently, The Juice Bar is selling seven different flavors of juice, named “Wake Up!,” “Green Supreme,” “Alka-lime,” “Ginger Ale,” “Flu Shot,” “Sunny Day,” and “Beet It.” Along with the individual juices, The Juice Bar is selling sea moss gel, ginger shots, and juice cleanse packs.

The “Green Supreme” juice can improve digestion and energy, reduce inflammation, build immunity, and is great for cleansing and detoxing the body. (Taylor Goodman (’25))

The Juice Bar was located in Merchantville for the past five years and recently moved to Haddon Township. The landlords of their building in Merchantville were attempting to sell the space, which prompted The Juice Bar to relocate. Co-manager, Kelli Mouzon, explained how their “landlords were trying to sell it for the last…two to three years, which has sort of been an inconvenience for [them] trying to…run and grow [their] business.” Although this transition could have created issues, business has been going very smoothly for The Juice Bar.

Their “Wake Up!” juice can improve eye health, boost your immune system, lower cholesterol, and is loaded with minerals and vitamins. (Taylor Goodman (’25))

Like many businesses, The Juice Bar was impacted by Covid. They struggled to obtain materials during the pandemic and problem-solved to keep up with their business. Before the pandemic, they would store their juices in glass bottles, but when glass bottles became difficult to acquire, they began storing their juices in plastic bottles. Moreover, the pandemic positively affected The Juice Bar. Mouzon recalled how “more people were looking to boost their immune systems and take…precautions to remain healthy” during the pandemic.
All of the juices are made with different fruits and vegetables, and all have different functions. For example, the “Beet It” juice helps regulate blood pressure, the “Green Supreme” is a detox juice, the “Flu Shot” juice helps with boosting your immune system, and the “Ginger Ale” juice helps with digestion. Currently, the “Green Supreme” is their most popular juice. This juice is made with kale, cucumber, apple, and lime. Drinking the “Green Supreme” is a great way to get in your vegetables and leafy greens throughout the day.
The Juice Bar sells juice cleanse packs as well. These cleanses are sold in packs for a one-day cleanse, a two-day cleanse, and a three-day cleanse. The instructions say to have six juices a day, drinking them every two and a half to three hours with water in between. The juices in the cleanse packs are labeled with clear instructions that detail which order to drink the juices.

The “Sunny Day” juice is an excellent source of vitamin C. (Taylor Goodman (’25))

One of the juices I sampled was the “Sunny Day” juice, containing pineapple, apple, and orange. This juice was sweet and tart with a thicker consistency. I also sampled the “Green Supreme” which includes kale, cucumber, apple, and lime. The lime really stood out in this juice, but the other ingredients such as the apple and cucumber helped counteract the sourness of the lime to create a juice with very balanced flavors. Lastly, I tried the “Wake Up!” juice, made with carrot, apple, ginger, and lemon. This juice had a gingery kick with a sweet carrot flavor. My personal favorite juice was “Sunny Day!”
Overall, I would definitely recommend the juices at The Juice Bar, and I will certainly be back to try some more flavors!