The Franklin Square Light Show spreads holiday cheer

The Franklin Square Light Show is a great place to visit during the holiday season.

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The Franklin Square Light Show is a great place to visit during the holiday season.

As the East community prepares for the upcoming holiday season and the ever-desired winter break, Philadelphia’s Franklin Square is hosting its very own light festival.

From November 15 until December 31, starting at 4 pm, the festival presents a shocking 75,000 lights, accompanied by pleasant holiday music. Franklin square is located at 200 North 6th Street. Throughout the event, themed activities, shops and stands are set up – truly making it a festive and fun place to go as a family.

Along with this, it provides “plenty of holiday cheer to fill historic Franklin Square during its completely free holiday festival and light show,” according to the festival’s official description of the event.

Free fun for the entire family seems to be  a common theme for the festival, kickstarting the holiday season that is so well associated with late December.  Along with this, spreading holiday cheer is a top priority of the organizers of the festival, something which appears to be well achieved through the festival’s celebrations and events revolving around New Years, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

Some of these events include mini golf, a carousel, a mini-train ride, the iconic Franklin Square fountain, performances and movies every Friday and special holiday events that will reinforce the holiday cheer.

“Franklin Square is Center City’s favorite holiday playtime oasis,” according to the Franklin Square website.

Centered around the historic water fountain and surrounded by dazzling lights, the Franklin Square Annual Light Festival provides a holiday glow to Philadelphia. The centerpiece being the Benjamin Franklin’s historic glowing  kite, the festival provides Philadelphia’s very own local spin on an already truly enjoyable and festive season.

The special event to close a month and half of festivities will be the Electrical Spectacle Holiday Light Show, a free event beginning at 4:30 on December 31st, doubling as a New Years celebration.

Whenever you visit and whichever activities you participate in, this festival of lights for the holiday season is sure to bring the festive mood to the entire Philadelphia community.

For more information, be sure to visit and select the Franklin Square tab.