T-Swirl Crepe brings unique treats to Haddonfield

T-Swirl Crepe offers many different types of crepes on both the sweet and savory side.

Zachary Pasternack ('24)

T-Swirl Crepe offers many different types of crepes on both the sweet and savory side.

There is something so perfect about having the perfect blend of chocolate, bananas, strawberries, in a crunchy cone shaped shell. And, it may also help that the crepes are the size of a medium Swell water bottle in length, yet are the easiest thing to eat.
T-Swirl Crepe, a fairly new store in Haddonfield, is the ideal place for someone with a liking for a delicious bite to eat. Not only does T-Swirl Crepe promote both a sweet and savory selection of foods, they also pride themselves in the fact that all of their food is “100% rice flour naturally gluten free”.
T-Swirl Crepe has only been open for three and a half years, and has already seen a successful growth in customer satisfaction as “most customers bring back others customers” says Mei Lan, the shop owner, that only helps to promote the business.
While some may say that they come back for the delicious food, the welcoming milieu, from the moment you enter to the time you leave, makes your experience that much better.
The first thing that hits your nose when entering the big white door, is the sweet smell of prepared crepes waiting for someone to claim them. Though, before you walk in, don’t forget to check out the large selection of food offered on the menu to your left.
While it was intriguing to try their savory crepes, like the Thai Chicken or the Chicken Teriyaki, I was immediately drawn to the attention of the strawberry, banana, nutella crepe; and trust me when I tell you, it was the best decision. While the food did take a little longer than expected, the way the crunchy shell of the crepe complemented the fresh fruit and warm chocolate made the wait worthwhile. And, being a person who hates food on their hands, the plastic covers that acted as a cone, allowed for cleans hands all throughout the meal.

The strawberry banana nutella crepe was the perfect mid-day treat (Zachary Pasternack (’24))

The way the shop was set up allowed for a COVID-safe dining experience; seats were far apart and a plastic cover surrounded the kitchen staff when taking your order.
Next, I had the opportunity to try two of their cold drinks. I first started off with an ice coffee that perfectly combined with the sugary aftertaste of my meal. Even so, the staff were happy to make me a sugar-free berry refresher that was not even shown on the menu.

In addition to crepes, T-Swirl Crepe also serves a variety of drinks. (Zachary Pasternack (’24))

There is something so unique about a shop, about the size of a classroom, that has everything: amazing staff, amazing food, and the most welcoming atmosphere.
Like Mei Lei says, “our crepes are different,” and after enjoying a great bite to eat, different in the best way possible.
For more information about T-Swirl Crepe, don’t hesitate to check out their website. You will not only find the menu, but you could also have the opportunity to order your crepe online. When sitting down, I saw someone come in for their order. The customer showed them their phone, the kitchen staff handed them their crepes that were in a convenient holder, and they walked out; it was as simple as that.
So, if you are around the Haddonfield area and are needing a good bite to eat, I implore you to stop by T-Swirl Crepe for an amazing meal; you will be completely full and satisfied by the time you walk out.