SIX the musical makes a brief appearance in Philadelphia


Taylor Goodman ('25)

The playbill from SIX the musical at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.

The Tony Award-winning musical, SIX, has debuted at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. This 90-minute performance premiered on Broadway in March of 2020, and since then has made its way to different theaters worldwide. SIX’s brief appearance in Philadelphia began on Tuesday, March 21, and ends on Sunday, April 9.
SIX is a high-energy, concert-like performance that takes the audience through the experiences of the six wives of Henry VIII. This musical is based on true historical events with a 2000s twist.
“Divorced. Beheaded. Died. Divorced. Beheaded. Survived,” SIX the Musical.
The six wives began the show by stating the reason for their deaths. They then individually shared their experience as Henry VIII’s wife in song as they attempted to distinguish which of the wives suffered the most. After lots of bickering and fighting, the six wives came to the conclusion that they are all completely different women with unique experiences, and there is no need to determine who suffered the most.
The first wife, Catherine of Aragon, was played by Gerianne Pérez. Henry VIII divorced her. This wife was known for “her dramatic speech to Henry when he had her brought to court to seek the annulment of their marriage,” She sang the song “No Way” while she explained how she struggled throughout the marriage.
The second wife, Anne Boleyn, was played by Zan Berube. Henry VIII ordered her to be beheaded. She was known for “headlessness; [and] bringing about England’s break with the Pope,” She sang the song “Don’t Lose Ur Head” while she walked the audience through the trauma of losing her head.
The third wife, Jane Seymour, was played by Amina Faye. She died in childbirth with Prince Edward. She was known for “being the ‘only one he truly loved,’” This wife sang the beautiful song “Heart of Stone” which differed from the other wives’ songs. This is because there wasn’t elaborate lighting or intricate choreography, Faye simply sang this emotional song centerstage.
The fourth wife, Anna of Cleves, was played by Terica Marie. Henry VIII divorced her. She was known for “being chosen from her portrait and then rejected when Henry met her,” This wife sang “Get Down” as she explained the struggles of being judged based on her appearance.
The fifth wife, Katherine Howard, was played by Aline Mayagoitia. Henry VIII ordered her to be beheaded. This wife was known for “being completely used (and abused) by those with power over her,” She sang “All You Wanna Do” as she described to the audience the abuse she experienced by men throughout her life.
Lastly, the sixth wife, Catherine Parr, was played by Sydney Parra. She was known as the only wife who survived because Henry VIII died while they were married. After his death, she was free to remarry. This wife sang the song “I Don’t Need Your Love” during her individual performance.
Overall, SIX was an amazing show that kept me on the edge of my seat. The colorful lights, specific choreography, and precisely detailed costumes for each of the wives created a very enjoyable show to watch. Another unique aspect of SIX I enjoyed was how the live band members were displayed on stage. Having the ability to see SIX during its brief appearance in Philadelphia was an incredible experience, and I hope the show will return to Philadelphia in the future!