Short Hills 2 Go Catering opens a new location


Gabrielle Levine ('26)

Short Hills 2 Go opens their new restaurant in the Raymour & Flanigan Outlet Shopping Center.

Short Hills 2 Go Catering has recently opened in the Raymour & Flanigan Outlet Shopping Center. This deli provides catering, delivery, and dine-in services. They serve a wide variety of foods including deli meats, and an assortment of breakfast and lunch dishes.
This restaurant is well-known for its ravishing deli meat and different types of soup. Their breakfast menu consists of both savory and sweet items, like sandwiches, bagels, pancakes, and french toast. Their lunch menu is what attracts the most customers. Customers can find many different kinds of sandwiches on the menu, along with soup, salad, and wings.
The owner of this new establishment, Michael Kaplan, says that the new location was opened because “the community needed [them], so [they] found a spot.” Kaplan explains that the old restaurant went out of business due to the pandemic, but now in the new location, the number of customers has increased greatly. Kaplan says that “catering is 60 to 70 percent of the business currently.” The owners offering catering for their customers have benefited the restaurants’ success.
Short Hills 2 Go Catering has a pleasant atmosphere and is surrounded with seats and tables for dining, but also places to sit down when waiting for customers’ orders. Famous sports pictures, a television, snacks, and drinks are displayed in the restaurant. Special desserts are also available to purchase.
I ordered an egg white omelet, a caesar salad, mushroom barley soup, and pancakes with strawberries from the menu. The omelet included spinach, onions, cheese, and mushrooms. The fresh vegetables added lots of flavor and texture to the omelet. It was well seasoned and very filling. The caesar dressing made the salad very appetizing and the lettuce tasted extremely fresh. The mushroom barley soup was my personal favorite because of its flavor and creaminess. The pancakes with strawberries from the breakfast menu were large and thick, and the strawberries added lots of sweetness. I enjoyed all of the foods I tried, and thought they each had a special touch.
Short Hills 2 Go Catering has a delicious variety of foods on its menu. They offer an assortment of foods for different occasions, which is crucial to their customers. They serve Jewish cuisine, like arugula and latkes, along with their usual items. Although the menu is similar to their old restaurants’ menu excluding a few items, they are succeeding more now due to the attraction catering has brought to them. I had a wonderful experience at Short Hills 2 Go Catering because of the tasty dishes and their amazing customer service. Short Hills 2 Go Catering’s dedication to serving the best food they can for their customers is admirable, and I think they will continue to thrive.